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Holistic Transitional Support

We offer holistic transitional support to provide individuals in recovery during their transition to independent living.

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Mental Health Matters Spelled on Letter Tiles on Red Background
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Advocacy for Mental Health

We actively advocate for mental health services to ensure better support for individuals needing support.

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Efficient Grant Integration

RSG streamlines the integrataion of government grants, ensuring a more efficient and effective delivery of services for individuals transitioning out of homelessness and poverty.

Our Value Proposition

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RSG brings a profound understanding of the community's struggles, ensuring every transitional solution is crafted with empathy and genuine care.​

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Holistic Support​

Beyond shelter, the company provides comprehensive support , fostering resilience and empowering residents to rebuild their lives with dignity

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RSG fosters a sense of inclusivity, creating not just a living space but a supportive community where individuals find connection and belonging.​

Mission and Vision

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Revive Solutions Group is dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty by providing not just shelter but empowering living environments tailored to the diverse needs of vulnerable populations. We strive to foster a sense of community, resilience, and hope, transcending traditional housing solutions to create spaces where individuals can rebuild their lives.​

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Our vision is a society where every marginalized individual has access to affordable, supportive housing that goes beyond basic shelter. Revive Solutions Group envisions becoming a catalyst for positive societal change, redefining the narrative around vulnerable populations and setting a new standard for inclusive, compassionate housing solutions.​


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Do you need to have a job to apply?

No, having a job is not a requirement to apply for our sober living home. However, you must be actively seeking employment.

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Is there a minimum stay requirement in a sober living home?

The length of stay varies but often ranges from a few months to a year, depending on individual needs and goals.

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Do I need to be sober before entering a sober living home?

Yes, sobriety is typically a prerequisite. Residents are expected to be clean and committed to maintaining sobriety.

Why Us

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Community Insight

Deep Engagement, Lasting Impact

RSG’s competitive edge lies in its founder’s extensive community involvement, providing unparalleled insights into local needs and fostering enduring relationships that drive positive change.

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Tailored Support

Holistic Empowerment, Not Just Shelter

RSG distinguishes itself by offering more than just housing - tailored support empower individuals, addressing individual needs, and fostering a sense of community that transcends traditional shelter solutions.

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Strategic Collaboration

Building Partnerships, Expanding Impact

Revive Solutions Group’s strategic partnerships with government agencies and nonprofits amplify its reach and effectiveness, creating a collaborative ecosystem that enhances the impact of its transformative community initiatives.

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